Where People Work

Having a valued role in society is part of what builds self-esteem. One of these roles can be a job or volunteer position.

Sunbeam has its own Job-coaches who specialise in Supported Employment in the local community.

Our Job-coaches aim is to enable People in SHS to Access mainstream employment within the Community. A Jobcoach is designated as a support to the service-user. The Jobcoach connects the person with the appropriate professional and natural supports; this enables the person to Achieve the best Possible Outcomes in his / her life. Once a level of comfort and familiarity is achieved in a job the Jobcoach pulls back support to a level that is agreed with both service-user and the employer.

Maurice's Story

Maurice currently works in Industrial Packaging Bray, Co Wicklow, three days per week as a General Operative. Maurice has developed a great working relationship with his colleagues and Maurice has found being part of the team a positive step in his life.

Maurice is also Volunteering in a Local Charity Shop in Bray and enjoys the interaction with customers and getting to meet and help people in his local community.

Maurice’s main support providers are the Garden Team, Pathways and his Job-coach; all part of Sunbeam House Services.

Maurice holds a Full Driving Licence, and likes the Independence of driving his own car to work and in his local Community, it gives Maurice a sense of freedom. Maurice likes to go for walks with his dog in his spare time and also enjoys the cinema, and dropping into his favourite Coffee shop in Bray.

Maurice driving