Where People Live


A number of Service Users of Sunbeam House Services currently live in staffed residential houses in almost every town on the east coast of County Wicklow from Bray down to Arklow.

We strive to give our Service Users every opportunity to live full and satisfying lives as valued members of their community.  With this in mind, SHS is committed to moving away from large institutions towards smaller community houses.  This is in line with the HSE Report issued in June 2011  “Time To Move On From Congregated Settings – A Strategy for Community Inclusion” as well as with HIQA requirements.

We want our Service Users to live in a relaxed and secure environment which facilitates the delivery of the flexible and dynamic services that our excellent staff teams provide. This leads to a better quality of life for both our Service Users and staff members as well as a more effective use of resources.  Familys are warmly welcomed and are encouraged to be actively involved in the life of their family member.


Since September 2013, a number of our houses have been de-congregated with Service Users moving out to houses in their local communities. Our Service Users now have the opportunity to live with a smaller number of people of their own choosing and this ensures a more harmonious and relaxed household.

It typically takes months of planning, hard work and collaboration by the entire staff team, the Service Users and their families to make this happen. However the benefits are immediately obvious.

Service Users now choose their own daily routines. They all get out and about in the community and spend their days in a positive and active manner. All our people settled in very quickly to their new homes and all appear to be happy and contented. For staff members too, it is very rewarding to see the Service Users thrive in their new environment and it makes their work more enjoyable.

Sunbeam will continue to focus on leaving behind large residential settings as our Service Users take a greater role in choosing their lifestyle and directing their own lives.