Where is Dell customer support when you need them?……..oh, there they are

We have had a fantastic relationship with Dell in the past number of years and they continue to lend us their support and friendship.

This year a group of 13 employees arrived at SHS to provide 1:1 computer training to our Clients as part of their Volunteering initiative.

What an opportunity for both Dell and SHS to capitalize on social integration.

Each Client had a Dell buddy and enjoyed getting acquainted over coffee and scones before heading off the computer rooms.

This gave the Clients an opportunity to practice and learn some new skills.

Some learned how or set up email accounts and send emails, some googled, some did applications training, games and there were a few sneaky short cuts too. Not only was this skill based, but social interaction and fun was had by all involved.

A Big Thank You to our Dell Volunteers.

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