Trip to Albufeira, Portugal

What a trip we had on the 25th of April with the scorching skies and the glassy blue sea of the coastline of the Algarve at the small town of Albufeira.

David, Michael, Alan and Fergal went on a sun holiday with the staff Caroline and Audrey of The Garden Team/Bridgewater.  We had a nice time staying at the self-catering apartments with a pool.  David loved sitting on the underwater bar stools to order his drink.  A few of us took the plunge into the sea for a quick dip with some going for a long swim.  We went out on a catamaran trip one day to glide the waves of the sea and have a tour of the caves along the coastline.  It was a great way to see Portugal and we felt like royalty for the day.

Of course a sun holiday would not be complete without fine dining and we ate out along the veranda of the restaurants and chatted to the waiters learning a bit of Portuguese too.  Night life was full of music and a few of us had a jig or two to the beat of the drums and the singing of the guitarists.

Back home by the end of the week tired but relaxed after a good time with friends.
(David Doyle, Michael Brennan, Fergal Smith & Alan McKee).

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