The Sensory Garden Competition

Such talent! 
The sensory garden is now home to the wonderful entries for the competition which ended on 31st of January.
There were three entries;

The Theme of Fire: A stained glass sculpture by Martin McKenna (Rosanna Gardens)

The theme of Wind: A collection of ceramic, crystal and driftwood mushroom chimes entered by The Hub. The Artists were Maureen Cullen, Donna Fusco, Patrick Power, Myles Doyle, Ruth Corbett and Fiona O’Hara.

The Four Elements in one entry called “A wonderful world in one” entered by a group of artists from the DCB, Natasha Moloney, Raymond Carroll, Marie Mc Guire, Susan Fry, Adrian Flaherty, Conor McCarthy, Barbara O’Neill, Denise Olin (volunteer) and Monique Jolly.

Our panel of judges have yet to judge our competition and announce our winners but I’ll be in touch with each winner as soon as I know and of course I’ll tell you all in the next edition of the Sunbeam Times!!

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