‘The sad goodbye’ by Stevie Browne

Stevie has a way with words. Here is a poem he wrote upon hearing of the news that a long time member of staff and his boss, Kevin, will be leaving us for pastures anew. Kevin has worked hard in Sunbeam for just shy of 30 years and will be sorely missed by staff and service-users.
The Sad Goodbye – Stevie Browne
kevin stedman is calling time
He has definitely made up his mind
It is a sad good bye we all better not cry
He has seen it all but he stood tall
He was always willing to listen
He was firm but tough
you knew you wouldn’t get the buff
There were sad bad fun glum times
he is a man united fan he is part of a big clan
we had a few moves he took them with his grooves
when we started he looked like cliff Torburn

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