The Courtyard – roundup

· The Super-Cook classes pictures are from the 17th of January 2012 when Glenvale visited.

· The Funderland pictures are from the 5th of January 2012 when we went up to Funderland with the Bray Lakers. It was fantastic aside from Ciarans insistence on getting on rides that terrified him! Though in fairness that is the whole point of Funderland isn’t it…?

· There is a picture of Laoise Byrd, a student from DIT that has been working with us in the Courtyard as part of her course with us. It is the young lady in the picture with Patrick playing cards. She has been fantastic while down here and we would love to get her some blog-space if possible!

· We also have two poems, one by Patrick and a poem by Gina, who recently started coming to us for literacy classes and has been doing great so far. I can’t remember if we sent you Patrick’s poem before though.

Singled out by Gina Wilkin

My name is jane

I live down the lane

I often go out

In the field and play

But I end up in the corner

Without having a say

Everyone says I get in the way

But I am the one who

Is trying so hard to let it all out

But I am really trying to say

Look at me

Yes I have just been

Singled out

By Gina Wilkin

A Love Letter to my Fiance by Patrick Power

Every other day in my life

Like some gift of language.

Make passionate our friendship and love

Siobhan my heart pounds for you

When I dream of you

When I am with you

I feel loved by you it makes my heart sing for joy

When I look into your eyes

You brighten up my day with your love

You are my friend, my true friend

I care for you I do I really do

You are special to me you mean so much in so many ways.

It is a dream come true to be with you, a spark ignited in me.

It must be true love.


For the attention of all

Super cooks

The Courtyard on the Upper Dargle Road have started a Super Cook class on Tuesdays and have decided to invite different units within Sunbeam to join us every second Tuesday of the month. This has proved to be a very successful class and service users are really enjoying it.

We recently invited the Glenvale unit to join us on the 17th of January. This proved very successful and was enjoyed by all, we are having the Flexi Service joining us on the 2nd of February and are really looking forward to having them.

We hope in the near future to expand our invitations to family and friends of the service users. Enclosed are some photos we took when our comrades joined us from Glen vale north Wicklow.


From all the Guys at the Courtyard.

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