Team Clifford

There is a donate button on the homepage of if you wish to donate to Joe and Ciarans humongous effort of running a marathon together. Please pass it on to people outside of SHS. All proceeds go to Sunbeam.

Some words from Joe:….
We have completed the first of 4 races in the run up to the marathon, 1st race being the Fingal 10k which we done in 1 hour.

Also we are on week 14 of our training program so running with Ciaran’s double ‘Bod the Bag’ who is 41kgs which is slightly over half Ciaran’s body weight.
So far race preperation are good and the support runners Brian Thighe and Stuart Crinnion (2 seasoned marathon runners) have been great help and a wealth of knowledge in terms of race prep. 
Our social media expert is Emma Finucane who is writing our progress. 
Our wheelchair designer is Johnny Hayden who is himself wheelchair bound and an extreme athlete in his day. 
Our technical adviser is Martin Coady also wheelchair bound and helping with the technical elements of the chair and has himself been pushed for tri-athlons and knows only too well the difficulties that we may face on the day with the chair.

Together we are Team Clifford 🙂 I bet you thought i was going to say something cheesie like the ‘A’ Team 🙂

Joe Clifford

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