Sue Ryder Charity Shop, Arklow

The Sue Ryder charity shop has opened a community shop in the recycling centre in Arklow.

On the first week of each month they ask a local group or charity to become involved , the money taken in during this week is then donated to that particular group.
Next week from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive, is ‘Our week’  !!!!
All items  donated  to the community shop that week or any other week would be greatly appreciated .
The opening hours of the community shop :  
Tuesday to Friday from 11-2pm
Saturday from 10-1pm

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  1. Could you please give me your address or any directions ?? Today I was in recycling centre where fun works is and I couldn’t see your shop there. Is there a different recycling centre in Arklow where you are ? Thanks !!

  2. I have to say, I find most charity shops very expensive as a posed to what they should be charging , after all most people don’t have much money that’s why they go into them.. And this store is very very overpriced, I loved it but now I have to leave it … Just saying.

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