Stevie & Lisa’s Awesome Adventure

On 20th Dec myself and Stephen went to Zambia for ten days to spend Christmas with family.

The weather was lovely and warm, my sister’s home is very big and lovely, she lives on a farm with her husband Rob and her little girls, Isa-Bella and Sienna-Ann.

We went on a little safari, saw some animals, and lakes.

We had Christmas with my dad and his wife. Hillary.

And my sister Joana and her husband Rob with there two girls Isabella & sienna Ann. We Stayed at there house.

My Half sister Claire was also there With her boyfriend Weston who we met for the first time.

My dad came the 23rd of December.

It was great being all together for Christmas. We had turkey ham stuffing veg
and all the trimming’s.

The Saturday we went to a friends 21st.It was a good night

We also went to see a friend of my sisters who lives on a big farm that has cattle an chickens.

Christmas morning we were up early with two small kids. But when it comes to presents I am a big kid

We all got very good presents. My sister had a brie its what the Africans call a barbecue. We had good food great fun and it finished late hours the next morning.

We also spent two nights in Dubai it was new years eve and new years day. The weather was also hot there 

We had a lovely hotel Called the Radisson blue.
Stevie and Lisa Browne

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