Self-Directed Supports

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What are self-directed supports?

S.D.S arrangements are not residential, or day service supports, they are more akin to a self-directed way of life where supports are put in place to help the client live the life they choose without having to be attached to a traditional service.

Support in S.D.S are Underpinned by a full assessment of need, where SHS cannot meet the need of the individual we will help them find someone who can.

We want a culture that is inclusive of everyone and where everyone who joins feels they have opportunities to succeed and grow

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Vision & Values

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Sunbeam House will become the support organization of choice for people who wish to live a self-directed and supported life.


We respect each person as an individual and we will strive to support individual choices,

We will use a Human rights-based approach when planning and providing supports.

We will involve as many people as possible in making decisions about what we do.

We will keep trying to improve the supports that we provide, and we will take responsibility and be open about decisions that are made.,

We will use our resources as efficiently as possible

Social Role Valorisation

Social Role Valorization (SRV) developed by Dr Wolf Wolfensberger is a set of approaches designed to enable devalued people in society to experience the Good Life. These approaches are best used by persons who clearly believe that devaluation of a party is wrong, and who are prepared to work to overcome this. SRV's many strategies derived from practical experience and from what research has revealed, is to help devalued people achieve valued social roles. It finds that this is the most powerful way to work against devaluation and its negative effects, and provides a wide variety of techniques and approaches for doing so. Social Role Valorization, when well applied, has the potential to help socially devalued people to gain greater access to the good things of life, and to be spared at least some of the negative effects of social devaluation.
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Amanda’s Story


Hi I’m Amanda. I used to live in a house with other housemates for most of my life but I didn’t enjoy living with other people and this made me sad and sometimes angry. It’s always my dream to have my own home with my own support and live as independently as I can.

Last year my dreams came through. I now live in my own apartment near my family.

My Home

I wanted to move back to my hometown as I like it there, it’s near my family and that’s where I know lots of people in the community.

I had a lot of fun picking all the furniture and the colours for my home. My family and my support staff helped me move all my belongings and put all my furniture together. I had lots of visitors and cards and I felt so happy.

I’ve learned lots of new skills living independently and I help out with laundry, shopping, cooking and cleaning around my apartment.

My Days

I have a small car now too that I use when I need to go to my activities, shopping and visiting or if it’s raining. I love having my own car as I can go out anytime I like.

I’ve joined the leisure club in the local hotel and my family support me to use the gym and go swimming. I love music so I’ve joined a Ukulele class. I meet my brother every week in the library and we choose books together and go for lunch. I love horses so I go horse riding every week.

I wanted to get a job. I love movies and drama so I was supported to join a movie extras company. I went for a professional photo shoot and I’m waiting for my first call up. It’s really exciting.

My life has changed so much in the past year and I’m so much happier now.

SDS Managers

Manager (South Wicklow)

Paul Downes


Phone: + 353 1 286 8451

Manager (North Wicklow)

Stephanie Metcalfe


Phone: + 353 1 286 8451

Senior Services Manager

Isabelle Napoleao


Phone: + 353 1 286 8451

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