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18th October 2021


Dear Families,


As you are probably aware an open meeting was held on the 16th September in the Glenview, which was attended by over 30 family members, SHS Chairperson, Board representatives from the Family Advocacy Group and the CEO, and facilitated by ourselves in Ómra.


The purpose of this meeting was to discuss how the connection between families and Sunbeam could be strengthened and how a better partnership could be put in place between the two.


Based on the feedback received, there was, of course, a mix of views in relation to how the meeting went but, on the whole, it was regarded as positive and that it is essential to continue on this journey for the benefit of all. There is a willingness and a desire to continue the dialogue and for families and Sunbeam to find ways to communicate more.


In response to the many questions and issues raised on the night, a document is being prepared by members of management in Sunbeam and this will be sent on to you in advance of the next meeting. 


It is intended to hold a follow-on meeting on Wednesday the 17th November at 7.00 p.m. in the Glenview


The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss and agree how the voice of families can be effectively represented by the family representative group but also through more local or specific support groups e.g. respite, residential, employment, new families.  There will be a further opportunity for some general questions and discussion although the emphasis will be on how communication between Sunbeam and family members can be strengthened in a more structured way.


Please keep a note of this date.  A reminder, further details and the responses from the first meeting will follow closer to the time. 


Kind regards



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Catherine McIntyre                                         Tina Tully


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