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Elev8 Hosts


As you may know Aaron Richardson from the training services in Bray will be carrying out work experience in RTE alongside the production team  of 2 youth programmes on RTE2 – Eleve8 and 2tube. This is part of the Job Shadow day which is promoted by the IASE  – scheduled for Wednesday 24th of April.
I would like to also confirm that RTE would also like to have Aaron as a guest on their morning show “The early Edition” which will be presented live on RTE  1 on Tuesday the 23rd of April. Aaron has been confirmed to be interviewed on the show  between 10am – 10.30am of that morning.
This is a great opportunity for Aaron as he loves TV and we wish him the very best of luck on the day. Aaron will be accompanied  along side a representative of the IASE and his job coach where they will help promote supported employment across Ireland and I’m sure Aaron will confidently fly the flag for Sunbeam on the day.
Well done Aaron from all in Connect we wish you the very best of luck.

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