‘Powerscourt Waterfall’ – A poem by Stevie Browne

Its clear  water  runs strongly  down stream

Bringing  everyone’s hopes wishes and dreams
Its strong current  would get you  in a spin  don’t fight against it, its a race you cant win
Its beauty  is a wonder to see, it will capture your heart
It flows as calm as can be its something you will  want  to see
Its our highest  water fall  its worth the call
It brings tourists from near and far
You can spend quality time with family or friends or with the one you love it depends on you  its a dream come true
Stephen Browne

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  1. Your poem is lovely Steve and a very special gift to all Sunbeam staff and clients, reminding us of the pleasure nature gives us, especially in this difficult time.

    Eileen, Viewpoint Facilitator

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