Political Candi-dates

A few famous and soon to be famous faces turned up in the Esplanade this morning for a bout of speed-canvassing. Service-users from Sunbeam House, Festina Lente, Bray Lakers and other local organisations grilled the political candidates on the issues close to their hearts.

The event was organised by Bray Area Partnership and was a resounding success. Each candidate had ten minutes to answer the questions posed by each table of people before moving on to the next table. Sort of a speed-dating meets political canvassing.
A novel idea, I’m sure you agree and a great way for our service-users to get a crash course in what each candidate stands for. Its not easy figuring out who to vote for.
Sunbeam Media is almost finished putting the final touches to a video on voting, how to register and why we should do it. As soon as it is ready we will post it here.

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