Poem – ‘My Valentines dream’ by Stevie Browne

Two poems in one day!
Stevie must have been inspired by Patrick’s poem in the earlier post. This is another Valentine’s themed effort. A talented bunch in Sunbeam.

My Valentines dream by Stevie Browne
My dream is to see a lovers dream come true
With you and me
With the sun shining bright
The moon full at night
Romantic music fills the air
Candles glow sweetly all bright
Your long Browne hair blows softly in the night
You’re pure Beauty glows with the moon light
Roses on the table love in the air
Two loving people stare at each other’s eyes
Giving each other loving smiles
Presents giving lovingly
Heart to heart soul to soul
Both dreaming rock and roll
Happy thoughts fill our minds

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