Poem: Dark into Light by Patrick Power

Dark into Light
A Poem by Patrick Power

When I lived in the dark
I was so full of fear
I did not know what a proper home was.

I was so depressed when I lived in a doorway
With a shadow on the wall
And evil spirits in my heart and mind.

I had some hope in my heart
I got a home in Bray
It was a happy little home

Time has moved on and things are looking up
I am learning to enjoy life again
Family friends and staff,
and my community have been good to me.

And Love has struck me in my heart
I found her in a local club.

Patrick is 37 years old and attends a day service in Bray attached to Sunbeam House Services. He has only recently started writing poetry and has already had a poem published in Frontline Magazine and on the Sunbeam blog and the Sunbeam magazine. This is something that Patrick enjoys doing very much .

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