Nifty Fifty

A quick synopsis of Stevie’s life. He doesn’t look a day over 49. Thanks Stevie for sending it in to us…..

11 May 1964 Stephen James Peter Browne was born in Coventry England
Mothers Name Catherine fathers name frank I have one brother Paul

Born in Little house in Camden Lane

Rushed to hospital With big bump on head not to survive surgery

but had the strong will to survive

Left Coventry when i was four years old

moved back to Ireland to live with mums Parents in Dun drum. Settled there for about 10 years was in Dun drum

Then we Moved up to a Flat in Hill view Estate Ballentear

Thats were i spent most of my youth in was a Lived in top flat 46 four stories up

Made some good friends there.

I moved schools two I went to Saint Agustins School in Black Rock as a Day boy it was also An Residential I spent a couple of mounts as a residential there as well that took some getting used to

it was about 15 years later when we moved up to a house In sandy ford Park number 2

The houses were just being bilt we were the first family in them it took about just under a year to get neighbours we were getting used to it

I had my 21 in a Club in The Irish Glass Bottle Works Club in church town

We had all my family over from England it was another Great weak end

They say life begins at 40 Th

mine started at 38 i took the big plunge and decided to ask the love of my life to marry me she said yes 13 years later were still going strong

Ten years later i just turned 50 party was last weakened got lovely gifts had a wonderful time

Thanks To my lovely Wife Lisa Mum Brother and lovely Friends

Stephen Browne

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