Neighbours Day

No!, not the famous Australian soap opera but the European Neighbours Day 2010.

Here is what two unit managers had to say about it…

“On the 28th of May 2010 Ros Mhuire hosted their first European Neighbours day. We put on a big spread of buns, biscuits, tea and coffee. Some neighbours came in for a cuppa and a chat. Neighbours day is not a well known event yet, but we hope to put it on the map.”

“We had one visitor from the factory and around 8 parents. The service-users really enjoyed the evening and the parents were very happy to see each other as they do not generally get to meet. Parents also enjoyed meeting the staff and putting a name to the messages left in the communication book.

We gave out the Sunbeam Times and unit brochures and had a general chat about activities in the future. The gentleman who came over from the factory was very interested in what we do here and had a chat with some of the parents and met the service-users.

I think that moving on from here we will set up an evening get together for the parents and service-users and this will allow everyone to meet up and discuss various items over a cup of tea.”

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