Movie Club Update

The Avengers
Mirror Mirror

Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists – 11th April 2012
Michelle – It was a bit silly. Thought the Monkey was very funny.
Colm – I thought it was crap! I was bored.
Maureen – Really liked the style and it was very good.
David – It was very funny, too long though.
Tim – Wasn’t as good as other Aardman Studio films like “Wallace & Gromit” but still a fun silly film, kinda Monty-Python like at times.
Mirror Mirror – 25th April 2012
Michelle – Really liked it, a very pretty and funny film, really romantic too.
Colm – Funny, liked the dwarves.
Maureen – So romantic. The prince was gorgeous.
David – Good, liked Julia Roberts.
Patrick – Very romantic, although she should have died at the end! Want a wedding like the one at the end myself!
Tim – It was quirky and very pretty but I’m a bit disappointed. The director Tarsem is famous for over the top fantasies and he was weirdly tame here.
The Avengers – 2nd May 2012
Michelle – A lot of action, kind of confusing at times. Liked the Hulk a lot.
Colm – The Hulk was great! Also though it was very funny.
David – Hulk Smash!
Patrick – Didn’t like the violence and was very disappointed at the lack of romance.
Tim – I’ve seen it twice already, you do need to know all the other Marvel films to get the plot but its so much fun!
Siobhan – Brilliant, very OTT but enjoyable, even if you don’t know all the characters or comics.

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