Message to Families from the Chairperson


6th October 2021

Dear Families,

The SHS Board wishes to establish a Strategy Working Group which would report to the Board. The purpose of the working group is to assist the Board in the preparation of the SHS Strategy Statement for consideration and approval by the Board along with its implementation in the coming years. The Board believes that the families of SHS Clients and Clients should be part of the working group.

The Board welcomes expressions of interest from family representatives who would like to be involved in the Strategy Working Group. Family and Clients provide a unique perspective in terms of the lived experience which is an important component in the development of our strategy. To participate and collaborate in the working group, representatives should have previous experience in strategic planning and implementation. The wider composition of the working group will include representatives from the SHS Board and the Senior Management Team.

The work of the strategy working group will start in October. Meetings will be held in person and virtually and will be in the afternoons and evenings. It is likely that meetings will be held monthly over the coming months.

If you are interested in participating, please email by Friday 15th October 2021 outlining:

1. Why you wish to be considered and what you hope to bring to the working group

2. An outline of experience in strategic planning and implementation

The Board Nominations Committee will run a selection process to fill any working group positions in line with our corporate governance requirements.

Yours sincerely,

Dawn Leane,

Chair of Sunbeam House Services

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