Multi-Disciplinary Team

SHS are delighted to announce the formation of our Multidisciplinary Team. This team is led by the clinical lead and is comprised of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Assistive Technology, Behaviour support therapy and Social Work with support from an Administrator.

The MDT’s role and function is to combine the expertise and skills of different clinical disciplines in the planning, organising, and co-ordinating of care to meet the ongoing needs of our clients now and into the future.  The responsibilities and contributions of the MDT include:-

•          To provide assessment, diagnosis and recommendations for interventions.

•          To bring a greater focus and awareness to prevention and early intervention while planning for and responding to the changing needs of clients.

•          To promote interventions which support the psychological well-being of clients, with a particular emphasis on health, skills development, community presence, and community participation.

•          To provide and monitor individual supports to suit individual client needs.

•          To promote a deeper understanding of the health, learning, and care needs of clients.

•          To expand the knowledge and skills base of staff.

•          To improve effective communication with clients and their families and provide them with accessible information.

•          To improve the quality, integration, and consistency of services.

•          To advise and secure necessary expert advice/services if required.

•          To promote, facilitate and support inter-agency coordination and collaboration.

•          To support the organisation with regulatory, policy, and change requirements.

The MDT have a referral system in place and are developing the process for case review for individual clients. The team will communicate future developments, on a regular basis, with our clients, staff and families.

Meet our Multi-Disciplinary Team

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  • Jackie O'Connell

    Hello, my name is Jackie O’Connell. I am originally from Wicklow and spent two years studying Physiology and Health Sciences in Ireland before moving to the UK to complete my degree in Physiotherapy. I then worked in the disability sector in the UK with children and young adults for 9 years. My areas of interest are in posture, seating and neurology. I moved back to Ireland in March 2020 and began working with Sunbeam in January 2021, I’m really excited to bring my expertise and experience to the role as well as continue my learning with the rest of the fabulous MDT.
  • Barry Hickey

    Barry has a BA Hons (Mod) Psychology and an MSc (ABA) Psychology both from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. He has more than 15 years experience working with children and adults with developmental disability and/or autism across a wide variety of settings. Working from a perspective primarily informed by positive behaviour support, contextual behavioural science, applied behaviour analysis, and behavioural neuroscience, he is also an Acceptance & Commitment Therapist (ACT).
  • Justine Breeds

    Hello, my name is Justine Breeds. I am a new Occupational Therapist with SHS and am delighted to be here. I have worked as a Senior Occupational Therapist in a mixture of mental and physical health settings for about 12 years, in the UK. I am Irish and am very pleased to back and closer to family.
  • Deirdre Lally

    My name is Deirdre Lally. I have been a Social Worker in SHS since April 2017. I live in Bray with my family. I have a particular interest in Raising Understanding and Awareness of Oneself (RUA), Friendships, Relationships & Sexuality and the Marte Meo approach. I enjoy working in SHS with the clients and their families and I look forward to working as part of the new Multidisciplinary Team.
  • Fiona Smyth

    Hi, I’ve been working in SHS since 2014 providing physiotherapy to SHS clients with complex physical disabilities. I aim to improve SHS clients’ quality of life through assessment, physiotherapeutic interventions, and provision of equipment such as mobility aids and postural supports. It has been my pleasure working with SHS clients and building relationships with clients and staff alike.
  • Vanessa Darby

    Vanessa joined the Multi-Disciplinary Team in 2021 as a Behaviour Support Practitioner. Vanessa brings 14 years of experience in Behaviour Support, working directly with children and adults with developmental disabilities. Vanessa is dedicated and committed to supporting and empowering individuals to reach their full potential, while promoting and fostering a person centered framework.
  • Annette Quinn

    Hello, My Name is Annette Quinn and I am a Senior Speech and Language Therapist. I have acquired diverse clinical experience supporting adults with communication and feeding, eating, drinking and swallowing (FEDS) needs across a range of clinical settings, including forensic and secure services. My specialist interests include supporting adults using Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), functional capacity assessment and supporting clients with complex medical needs. I feel passionate about doing everything I can to enhance services for adults with disabilities.
  • Szymon Radyno

    My name is Szymon (prounounced ‘Shee mon’) Radyno. I recently joined the Social Work Team as a part-time Social Worker. I am also a Community Support Worker in SHS since July 2017. Professionally I specialize in safeguarding. At work, I rely on building relationships with the client and creating a space for free choice. My life motto is, ‘When we change our thinking, we change our reality’.
  • Sean O'Reilly

    Hi. I’m Seán. I joined the MDT as Assistive Technology Lead in 2021. Prior to this I worked on the ICT team from 2003 so I have a strong technical background. My aim is to find tools, devices, or software that assist individuals in communicating, performing tasks, increasing their independence, and improving their overall quality of life.
  • Frank McNamee

    Frank McNamee has worked in SHS for 8 years, 5 of which are as a Medication Trainer/Clinical Assessor. Prior to that, Frank had 20 years experience as a General and Children’s Nurse in the Mater and Temple Street hospitals. His areas of responsibility are delivering training in medication, epilepsy, diabetes and PEG care. He develops training for other areas of clinical care as required. Part of his remit is policy/practice review development, and medication audits.