Matthew’s success story with Weightwatchers

My success story
I began going to Weight Watchers classes on Thursdays in the early evening @5.15pm. I began going about two or more years ago. My friend Donna helped me out and suggested for me to go. I wanted to lose weight and stay healthy. I wanted to lose 161/2 pounds. I wanted to do this myself.
I feel happy when I go there, I wait in the hall way in a circle and the WeightWatchers lady calls people in to get weighed. I step up on the scales in my bare feet sometimes and she weighs me. I then get my weigh in result for the week. When I lose a pound or two I feel happy, when I don’t lose, I feel disappointed.
Over the past two years I have lost more than 11 pounds which is brilliant. My goal is to lose another stone. I would like to get an award of a red stone from WeightWatchers group.
How has losing weight changed my Life? I like it that I have lost weight, I feel much better. It is great. I like going shopping for clothes in my size. I can exercise for longer on my exercise bike.
“I recommend if you have too much weight on you, Join the club, don’t let yourself down and help yourself.”

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