Inter-agency Music groups

The East Coast Music Network Meeting took place at Prosper Fingal in Rush on 8th April.

Andy Smith, Tom Burke and Ruth Corbett attended with four service-users from The Courtyard.

Michelle sang ‘Love is all Around’ and Ray sang ‘The Rivers of Babylon’. Ciaran played the Soundbeam switches, Myles played the keyboard and Ray also used the ultrasonic beam connected to the Soundbeam. After the performances our guys were brought to the canteen by the Prosper service users for a well earned cup of tea.

Here’s an excerpt from the minutes, courtesy of Sinead Smyth, Prosper Fingal-

‘The day began with performances from Service Users from Prosper Fingal and from Sunbeam house. Then other Service Users present got the opportunity to experience the Soundbeam musical instrument that Sunbeam house had kindly brought with them.

Afterwards the staff present sat together to give feedback on what each of their organisations are up to and discuss how we continue forward from here……………………

The meeting concluded with Tom Burke and Ruth Corbett agreeing to find our next venue and date for a meeting. Possibly a hotel, or if not at another centre. Once they find a venue a date for the meeting will be decided.’

We are hoping to meet again in July. We will have a number of slots for Service Users from participating organisations to show off their skills, using a wide variety of instruments including the Soundbeam and featuring the Figurenotes notation method which each organisation has been working with. Given more space, we should be able to bring Service Users from some of the other units within SHS.

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