In Dogs We Trust

On Friday 20th the Garden Team were lucky enough to visit the Dogs Trust complex in Finglas, a centre dedicated to finding new homes for stray and unwanted dogs. Despite only opening last November the centre has already found loving homes for over 800 dogs. The new owners are carefully checked and their homes visited to make sure the dogs only get the most suitable homes possible. All dogs are welcomed to the centre, be they young or old, sick or healthy, and importantly there is no time limit to how long a dog can stay at the centre.

We got to see many of the over 150 dogs currently onsite (including 20 puppies). We visited the state of the art veterinary clinic, living areas and walking pens (where the dogs really come to life). It was clear that each dogs welfare was the most important thing to everyone involved. We are extremely grateful to Jillian, our very enthusiastic and helpful guide. If you visit be sure to leave a donation as they rely entirely on public generosity to survive.

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