Horsing Around

As a result of our personal Outcomes a group of us started horse riding lessons at Seaview Equestrian Centre near Brittas Bay. Jennie brings us every Wednesday and we meet with the other instructors. We change into our boots and get our hats and back protectors on. We all mount our horses and walk into the arena. It’s important to listen and follow the instructions. It’s nice to have the same horse each week so we can get to know their habits and little ways. We play games to help with our balance. We learned how to groom and plait and know what food and treats they like to eat.
Rebecha “my pony’s name is angel she loves her polo mints at the end of the lesson”.
Janet “I ride Barbie- she’s very good, happy, and farts a lot.’’ 
I think she gets excited.
Aaron “I ride Molly, she’s a good listener, calm and loves me singing to her.’’
Natalie “I ride    Drifter, he’s an old pony, he’s cute and gentle. I like walking him back to his stable”.
It will be sad when we finish but it was great to have a new experience. Fingers crossed we will do some more lessons.         
                                  Rebecha , Aaron, Natalie & Janet.       

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