Garden Team kept busy

This is a snapshot of some activities the Garden Team have been up to the past couple months.

It’s coming into the nice weather now so although we are busy doing our best to keep the grass down, we still have time to do other things.
We have been lucky to get to some events in the O2 and the Dogs Trust again to visit our friends there.
For the few Royal watchers, we enjoyed a BBQ on the day that William married Kate.
We had 2 members of an Garda Siochana in to give a chat on drug awareness which was a huge success and many of the service-users had questions answered and we all benefitted greatly in a wider context. It is good to know our local law enforcement are on the case.
Our calendar is filling up with activities and work to get done but we will send more pics in soon.
All the best,
The Garden Team.

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