Funki Fungi

47 Mushrooms or Fungi made over the last year are being exhibited in the In Context Exhibition in The Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin until the 16th of October 2015.

The exhibition is free and well worth a visit, with two lovely cafes on site and plenty to see. The whole of the Botanic gardens has been turned into an exhibition venue so you’ll need to explore to find the art work (including up trees and in the plants!). Most of the gardens are wheelchair accessible. Our Funki Fungi are under a large tree inside a fenced area near the entrance gate.

We installed the funki fungi on August 27th, it was great to get to talk to other artists about their work and how they were installing their sculptures.

Well done to the 25 artists who made mushrooms: Ailbhe Kelly, Bridget Murphy, Cathy Macken, Daphne Hollingsworth, David Stafford, Dervla Fallon, Emer Donnelly, Eimear Wixted, Emma Kinsella, Evelyn Lennon, Gavin O’Reilly, Johnny Connors, Laura Cooper, Martin O’Brien, Nicola Riley, Nicole Appleby, Patrick Grummel, Robert Fahy, Rosie Walshe, Sean Sheeky, Sharon Wolohan, Shirley Johnson, Tomek Rozanski, Tara Cawley and Tricia Hurley

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