Services We Provide

Access to Services

Sunbeam House Services provides a wide range of services to over 450 adults with an intellectual disability in Co. Wicklow.  Services are provided at approximately 40 locations throughout Co Wicklow and south Co Dublin.

Training, employment , day  and residential services  are available and these are run in conjunction with life-skills training.  There is a strong emphasis on the concept of rights, responsibilities and advocacy.  Sunbeam strives to offer services tailored to meet the individual choices and goals of the person supported in its care, and this is brought about through the “Personal Outcomes” quality system.

Access to services is in accordance with the Referrals, Transfers and Discharges Policy .

Charges for Services

Sunbeam House Services charges residential support services maintenance and accommodation contribution (long stay contribution). For more information on this please see –

Research Projects Undertaken in Respect of these Functions/Services

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