Finnbees public coffee shop now open in Sunbeam!

A warm welcome is due to member’s of the public as Finnbees coffee shop in Sunbeam is now open to the community.

Finnbees owner, Paul Finnegan, has long run the Granary canteen in Sunbeam House, Killarney Road but has expanded the operation into a fully fledged Finnbees cafe.

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  1. Hi Paul, Michelle Sludds here. Long time no see. I am wondering if u still do catering for parties? We’re having a bbq for Dave’s 60thbon the 15th August at home in Foxrock at 2pm and eating around 3.30pm. I need someone to do the food : 5 salads, caramelised onions, burgers, chicken stripscand jumbo sausages. I’d also like a pig on a spit, baby potato’s and corn on the cob. My friend is making the dessert. I also need someone to cook the meat. Would you be interested? If so, what that cost please? Kind wishes to your family. Regards, Michelle

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