Film Reviews for the entire Summer!

Tim and the guys at the Sunbeam film club have been busy watching and reviewing all the major blockbusters over the Summer. Here are the reviews…..
Warning!: This post will be pretty long as they watched lots and lots of movies.
13/6/12 – Snow White & the Huntsman
Michelle – Loved this! The Queen was fantastic (and prettier then Snow White!)
Patrick – It was so romantic! I had a great time!
Colm – Violent, but still really good
David – I liked it, especially the witch
Maureen – I thought it was good, when the deer got shot I cried
Tim – This was an excellent update of the Snow White story, kind of reminded me of ‘Willow’ in parts. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy.

28/6/12 – Fast Girls
Michelle – I really liked it, the girls all becoming friends even though they hated each other at the start was good.
Patrick – There was very little romance in it, I was disappointed by that. The racing bits were good though.
Colm – I thought it was a bit boring.
David – Didn’t like it.
Maureen – It’s good to see a film where a girl gets to be the hero every now and then
Tim – I liked it, it’s a very slick and well-made sports film. Bit slow at times though and very much a girls film, if you got a young daughter I’d imagine they would love it!

4/7/12 – Ice Age 4
Michelle – Though it was funny, loved the squirrel (Scrat)
Patrick – No romance, didn’t like that. Still  fun, even if it was a bit childish
Colm – Loved it, thought it was very funny.
David – I liked it.
Maureen – Meh… it was ok, wasn’t crazy for it.

11/7/12 – The Amazing Spiderman
Michelle – The fights were great! And Spiderman was pretty fun.
Patrick –There was a great romance with Spiderman trying to get with his school sweetheart.
Colm – Spiderman was great, the lizard (the villain) was kind of scary though
David – Liked it!
Maureen – I want to go see it again!
Tim – I HATED this film, but then I’m a huge comics fan. A bigger comic fan then the director at any rate…

18/7/12 – Rock of Ages
Michelle – This was so good, it was like ‘Momma Mia’ but with better music!
Patrick – It was soooo romantic and after falling out the boy and girl reunite at the end… *sigh*
Colm – I thought it was very fun, didn’t like some of the music though.
David – Liked this a lot, really liked the music.
Maureen – This was great! The soundtrack was just fantastic and I want it!
Tim – I couldn’t agree with Michelle more, this was a lot of fun, everyone involved was great at their role and the songs were fantastic.

1/8/12 – The Lorax
Michelle – It was kind of boring at times to be honest
Patrick – The romance was only a very small part of the story but I liked some of the songs
Colm – I really enjoyed it, it was very funny!
David – I liked it.
Maureen – It was funny and the songs were good, was a bit confusing at the start though.

15/8/12 – The Dark Knight Rises
Michelle – I liked the fights but I didn’t really know what was going on.
Patrick – Batman got with Cat-Woman! I really loved that part, the rest was fine.
Colm – Liked the fights but it was very long.
David – Didn’t like it.
Maureen – Batman wasn’t in it for ages! It was good though.
Tim – It’s a strange film… the first half is a bit of a mess to be honest but the last hour or so just keeps getting better and better and it ends on a real high… still not as good as The Dark Knight by a long one.

22/8/12 – The Bourne Legacy
Michelle – Though it was very dull.
Patrick – It was long and the two main characters never got together, which I found disappointing.
Colm – Long film! Not bad, but not great either.
David – Didn’t like it.
Maureen – Didn’t understand what was going on!
Tim – It’s certainly a new take on the Bourne films… Think this film suffered without Greengrass directing though and the first hour is just politics and characters mumbling at each other, which was a real mistake and de-rails the film before it really gets started.

29/8/12 – The Watch
Michelle – So rude! I loved it!
Patrick – It was really dirty and the main lads makes things up with his wife, I thought it was fantastic.
Colm – Dirty! Very funny though.
David – I didn’t like it.
Maureen – It was so rude, but still funny.
Tim – Like ‘The Hangover’ crossed with ‘Men in Black’… except nowhere near as fun as that sounds. Crude and not very funny, couldn’t recommend it.

5/8/12 – Total Recall
Michelle – It was good but very hard to follow.
Patrick – Was it a dream or not?! Still had a good love story.
Colm – Too violent for me.
David –Didn’t like it.
Tim – It’s a decent remake that tries to be quite different from the original. If they had focused more on the “Is it a dream or not” angle, I could have really loved this. As it is, it’s still above-average.

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