Film Review : Ghost Rider

Some of the guys in Sunbeam have started up a film club. This is the first movie they have reviewed. Nicholas Cage is a legend.

Here are some of the comments and reviews following our viewing of Ghost Rider : Spirit Of Vengeance on Wednesday the 22nd Feb 2012.

Brian (Rosanna Staff) – Supporting cast were…breath-taking

Amanda (Rosanna) – Enjoyed it, a bit scary though

Helen (Rosanna Staff) – Very heavy themes

Colm (Courtyard) – Too violent and scary

David (Courtyard) – Good (how are you?)

Maureen (Courtyard) – Good, though I couldn’t say why I liked it

Arron (Courtyard, Student) – Hell yeah!

Tim (Courtyard, Staff) – Loud, ridiculous, senseless.. and a total guilty pleasure

Stephan (Eolais) – … Interesting!

Paul (Eolais) – Scary! Fun!

Thomas (Eolais) – Very good action, liked how Ghost Rider looked

Derry (Eolasi) – Nice, a little scary but funny

Ian (Eolais) – Not scary at all! Good.

Anne-Marie (Eolais) – I loved it, exciting

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