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    Compliments & Complaints Co-Ordinator

    Grace Whelan


    Phone: 086 784 5110

    Sunbeam House Services is committed to ensuring feedback received through complaints, compliments and comments from those using our services and their families and advocates, is acknowledged, reviewed, acted upon and responded to.

    The learning which is taken from this feedback will provide Sunbeam House Services with the information on how to improve the quality of the services we provide.

    The appropriate and effective handling of service user feedback is essential to the provision of a quality service. Through the provision of feedback, service users can inform Sunbeam House Services of what they want from the services we provide.

    In line with HSE Your Service, Your Say national complaints policy, Sunbeam House Services commits the following five principles as the foundation of our service user feedback process:

    • We will Enable you to provide feedback

    • We will Respond to your feedback promptly

    • We will Support you and Support staff through the process

    • We will commit to Learning from feedback and use it to Improve services and make them Accountable

    Confidential Contact Person

    Ideally, we would like you to feel that those who use our services, their families and advocates and indeed our staff can provide feedback or make complaints to Sunbeam House Services directly.  We are aware, however, that some may be concerned about identifying themselves when raising a concern or making a complaint.  We want to ensure that this does not act as a deterrent.  Hearing about your concerns and complaints is important to management of Sunbeam House Services and enables us to address them.

    We have engaged the services of an independent third-party service provider, Raiseaconcern ( to act as Confidential Contact Person for Sunbeam House Services.  Raiseaconcern specialise in the field of prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of workplace wrongdoing. 

    Raiseaconcern will:

    • speak or correspond with you about your concern or complaint and ensure they understand it
    • listen to what you have to say, help document it clearly, agree it with you and explain how the process will work
    • pass your concern or complaint to us, but will not reveal your identity to us
    • evaluate your concern or complaint and advise Sunbeam House Services on how to address it
    • intermediate between you and management on clarifications required and updates
    • independently investigate your concern or complaint if management of Sunbeam House Services determine this is necessary
    • provide you with updates and feedback when the process is dealt with

    You can contact the Confidential Contact Person in confidence:

    By phone: 086 029 9929

    By email: