“We aim to empower people with the necessary skills to live full and satisfying lives as equal citizens of their local communities” and as directed by themselves.


The ethos and philosophy of Sunbeam House Services is based on the following principles:

The provision of support structures which are appropriate to the individual’s age and ability.
The provision of the highest standards of professional care within the resources available.
The promotion of independence, self-respect and individuality of the person using our support.
To support people as valued and active citizens in their local communities, through participation in opportunities and services for the benefit of the individual and the community.
The provision of supports to and for people based on Personal Outcomes principles of: Basic Assurances, Shared Values, Responsive Services and Community Life.
The support of personal preferences of people and facilitation of their individual choices.
The fostering of links with other organisations.

We recognises that to be successful in our endeavours, all persons working within the Sunbeam House Services and associated with it must share these ideals and in the course of their everyday work make every attempt to achieve them.


Sunbeam is guided by the six C’s as outlined below. These give a clear and easily defined set of values for all staff, clients and stakeholders to focus on and are becoming the watch words for Sunbeam House Services in delivering our aims.

Client Directed – in all decisions and all actions;

Caring – for clients, staff, and the organisation;

Commitment – to be the best and to do the best for our clients, staff and the organisation;

Community – involvement and benefit in all we seek to achieve;

Compliance – with best practice, legislation and system requirements.

Collaboration – working with the best to be the best

Everything we do should deliver on all of the six C’s.