Elavon come to Sunbeam

Elavon is a company that provides payment solutions for businesses. What is that? I hear you ask. Well, I don’t know but why not find out at www.elavon.com . Needless to say they are a great bunch of guys and 16 volunteers from Elavon in Arklow kindly gave their day to Glenvale on the 1st October. This was part of the National Volunteer day.

On the Friday morning we all packed up and set off for Avondale park, luckily missing all the rain, to enjoy a fun filled sunny day out. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and new friendships were formed between some of our service-users and the volunteers from Elavon. After various walks around the grounds we had a picnic lunch just outside of Avondale house while Elavon very kindly provided staff with lunch and drinks. After lunch we played ball games together and received bags, hats and T-Shirts from Elavon.

Elavon gave so much on the day and enjoyed every part. We are also working in the future months with Elavon to create more days out for the clients from Glenvale.

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