Dolls and Toys in Enniskerry

hi there everyone,

a few of us at the Garden Team just went up to Powerscourt House in Enniskerry to view the antique dolls houses. This is called “Tara’s Palace” with old style dolls, dolls -houses and teddies dating back to the 18th Century. Many of the dolls houses were made by Irish craftsmen. Little replicas of cutlery and porcelain plates and chandeliers and even the rooms such as elegant dining rooms were all designed from grand houses of the 18th Century mansions in Ireland and England. It is definitely worth a visit and the staff couldn’t be more helpful. They could do with more awareness of this great museum and the best thing of all is that the entrance fee cost all goes to charities such as the childrens charity.

Please support them by spreading the word of this invaluable museum of our antique heritage. Here are a few snap shots of beautiful olden day toys that brings us all back in time and makes us feel young at heart again!

Audrey Connolly

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