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Just to let you know about a really lovely coffee shop recently opened in Deansgrange, called The Tranquil tea rooms, Patricia Neylan is the lady who runs the business she bakes all her own cakes and tarts in the shop it has a really nice friendly& homely atmosphere.

Patricia offered to put up some of our Sunbeam paintings which I acquired from DCB she has also ‘commissioned‘ a very large painting for her shop which she is buying from a service-user  in DCB. Some of the clients from there have had paintings put up in the shop and several of them have been sold.

Patricia has also has given work experience to one of our clients who really is enjoying it there. 
So If any of you are in the Deansgrage area you might like to visit and see some of the lovely art by Denise, Eibhlean,and Tina and sample some of the lovely treats!

Ps ‘The Tranquill Tearooms ‘ is just inside the main gates of Deansgrange cemetery

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