Connect With Respect

On Thursday April 11th group of clients from the Training Centre in SHS had a meeting about how to use the internet safely. 

Jennie organised for 2 people, Maeve and Noel from Microsoft to come in and put on a slide show and spoke about all the different ways we use the internet and how to ‘connect with respect’. 

It’s not just on your computer but on your phone, tablet, Nintendo ds, X-box, internet cafes, etc. We gave lots of examples of how we use the internet like Facebook, YouTube, E-mail, Google, texting and more. We heard about why it is important to respect ourselves and others with what we view, share, write, send or print also we learned about not giving personal information to strangers and to not put up photos of others without the other person’s permission. 

We got wrist bands to remind us to ‘connect with respect’- Rebecha, April 2013

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