Video:- Sunbeam In 60 Seconds – Job-Coach

The first video in a series called Sunbeam in 60 Seconds. It is a quick snapshot of various aspects of Sunbeam House Services. This one focuses on supported employment and our job-coaches.Theresa did a great job on the day as did Paul K. Thanks for your help. Stay tuned for more ‘Sunbeam In 60 Seconds’.Enjoy….

Voting Video to be Featured on TV3

Next Tuesday,22nd February, at 9am Dan Ryan, presenter of the video and Maura O’Loughlin, one of our quality Co-Ordinators will be live on air on Morning Ireland. They will be there to discuss issues around voting and disability. Featured will be Sunbeam Medias ‘Your Power, Your Vote’ election video.

Video Shoot

Pictured is Barry and Dan on location in Dublin city Centre filming for the upcoming video ‘Your Power, Your Vote’. The Sunbeam Service-Users Forum approached Sunbeam Media with the idea to make a short film encouraging people to vote and get involved in Politics. While travelling to the shoot, outside Leinster House, we came across a fine vehicle, a Morgan. Correct me if I’m wrong but there is a hefty waiting list for these beauties. …