Kris Kindle

Pictured is John Hannigan, M.D. during the exchange of Christmas presents at Killarney Road. It was the biggest Kris Kindle I have ever seen. It looked like 50 people. He appears happy with what he got. Somebody better remind him to take the hat and tie off before that important meeting he has this afternoon!

Sunbeam is on Youtube!

If you haven’t guessed, we now have a Youtube channel. Click here to see it. There’s at least 6 or 7 videos already up and ready for you to view. More to come all the time.

Video – Community Connections

Here is a video from 2009 we made called ‘Community Connections’. It details the different connections that Sunbeam, it’s service-users and staff have within our local communities. Enjoy.


Click HERE to visit OUCH! Ouch! is a website from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people. It has articles, blogs, a very busy message-board and an award-winning downloadable radio show – (Touch-Podcast). It’s aimed at those with a stakehold in disability: family, friends, professionals and, rather importantly, disabled people themselves – without whom all this …

Shoebox Appeal for Christmas

Every year Cathy makes an enormous effort to collect gifts for the under-privileged. Not every kid gets presents at Christmas. Cathy knows this and so organizes a massive collection of toys and various gifts that people for one reason or another don’t want. The gifts are then placed in old shoe-boxes and sent to their destination. Knowing Cathy is a …

Vote For Us Now!

Click here to vote for Sunbeam in the Better Together video competition. Voting closed on Nov. 15th. This competition is open to charities and the like to describe in 2 minutes or less who we are, what we do and why we are better working together. Working together and community integration has long been a focus for Sunbeam. This video …

The Fascinating Story of the Twins Who Share Brains, Thoughts, and Senses

This is one of the most surprising and awesome tales ever told in the history of medicine. These twins are Tatiana and Krista Hogan. Their brains and sensory systems are networked together, but they have separate personalities. Their story defies belief. So much, in fact, that Tatiana and Krista Hogan shouldn’t be alive at all. Their chances of surviving the …

Inspiring video

Don’t worry folks, it’s not all doom and gloom! This is an IBEC video detailing some positive facts and figures you might like to know about the Emerald Isle.

Faces Competition – update

Came across this blog on the internet relating to the face-casts appearing on the walls of our town. An insight into the artists mind.


Perfect conditions were forecast for this Autumnal Day. Dry with sunny spells – we were going to have a great day! A group of 20 guys travelled to Mondello Park in Co. Kildare. Mondello provides a tailored package based on the Early Drive programme for young people. It gives our Service Users an opportunity to drive a car in a …

Where is Dell customer support when you need them?……..oh, there they are

We have had a fantastic relationship with Dell in the past number of years and they continue to lend us their support and friendship. This year a group of 13 employees arrived at SHS to provide 1:1 computer training to our Clients as part of their Volunteering initiative. What an opportunity for both Dell and SHS to capitalize on social …