Kris Kindle

Pictured is John Hannigan, M.D. during the exchange of Christmas presents at Killarney Road. It was the biggest Kris Kindle I have ever seen. It looked like 50 people. He appears happy with what he got. Somebody better remind him to take the hat and tie off before that important meeting he has this afternoon!

Sunbeam is on Youtube!

If you haven’t guessed, we now have a Youtube channel. Click here to see it. There’s at least 6 or 7 videos already up and ready for you to view. More to come all the time.

Video – Community Connections

Here is a video from 2009 we made called ‘Community Connections’. It details the different connections that Sunbeam, it’s service-users and staff have within our local communities. Enjoy.


Click HERE to visit OUCH! Ouch! is a website from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people. It has articles, blogs, a very busy message-board and an award-winning downloadable radio show – (Touch-Podcast). It’s aimed at those with a stakehold in disability: family, friends, professionals and, rather importantly, disabled people themselves – without whom all this would be a bit meaningless.

Shoebox Appeal for Christmas

Every year Cathy makes an enormous effort to collect gifts for the under-privileged. Not every kid gets presents at Christmas. Cathy knows this and so organizes a massive collection of toys and various gifts that people for one reason or another don’t want. The gifts are then placed in old shoe-boxes and sent to their destination. Knowing Cathy is a pleasure. She has a very kind and pleasant way about her. Well done to her …