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Today in the Taylor Centre, a play full of energy, comedy and laughter. The performers were most excellent.’Carnation theatre’ came to town. The show was a great success with lots of interaction and participation. We will definitely invite them back.

Who we are: Carnation Theatre was formed in early 2009 by professional actors, Mairead Devlin (RTE’s The Savage Eye) and Mary O’Driscoll (Abbey Theatre), with the aim of providing affordable, entertaining, stimulating and interactive plays for the nursing home demographic, for those with different cognitive and concentration levels. Latterly we have begun to perform – to great success – in other care settings as well as in Libraries, community centres, active retirement groups and festivals all over Ireland.  
What it is we do: Each Carnation show is a one hour, two hander, interactive play where story telling, shared memory, songs, poetry and jokes are woven into a plot. These plays celebrate the senior citizen and not so senior citizen. They deal in themes and songs that are relevant to all experience.  Because it is so audience driven  – members of the audience take on roles, sing songs  – the audience end up having a very intense, pleasurable experience no matter what their cognitive abilities. 
We are constantly developing. Last year we introduced small portable sets. We have begun to experiment with puppetry in an age appropriate way. Latterly we have found our audience expand to include those with intellectual disabilities. 
Music Hall
The year is 1916, the location: The Tivoli, a renowned Music Hall of the time. Enter Jeremiah Styles who meets and falls in love with Sarah, seamstress and triplet and part of a Music Hall Act specializing in ventriloquism, operatics and dusting. We follow Jeremiah and Sarah into their twilight years and reminisce about the Good Old Days. We explore attitudes towards health care in the first half of the twentieth century and find out what were the old wives tales, piseogs and home cures of the day?  

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  1. Dear Mairead, Greetings from Pat (of Bran fame). Apologies forthe intrusion. I hope all is well with you. I was telling my friend Annie Dibble about Carnation Theatre and Sourdough Sisters and she said you might like to take a stall at the upcoming Christmas Market in Richmond Barracks. Of course the notice she sent won’t cut and paste properly and I don’t even know if this will get to you. I’ll try to find another way of contacting you. I’m in Berlin until the end of the month, otherwise I’d maybe see you in the Park. Love and best wishes, Pat.

    SHOUT OUT to all of our Local MasterCrafters, Creatives and Artists, would you like to sign up for A Christmas Market at Richmond Barracks
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