Bray Mystery Food Trail: one day of pop-up restaurants in Bray, 9 June

A message from Patrick Grabolle, a Bray resident….perhaps some service-users would be interested in new foods and new people:

On June 9, as part of the Arcadia Festival that the Mermaid Arts Centre ( is putting on, I will be organising a day of pop-up restaurants all over Bray. Bray Mystery Food Trail is a one day food festival taking place in unexpected places, be it in your living room, front garden, campervan or public spaces. For those who have always dreamt of being a chef and running their own restaurant, this is a safe, fun and communal way of trying it out. You decide what kind of restaurant you want to have, what’s on the menu, what kind of theme it has and how many you want to host. Maybe you just love cooking and sharing food with friends and strangers. And it’s a brilliant way of getting to know your town and those that live in it better, by exploring what culinary delights they have to offer.

If you want to find out more, I have set up a facebook page ( This is where the festival will be coordinated and where you sign up with your restaurant. If you are interested in getting involved, please let me know. Otherwise, just pop down on the 9th and sample the goods. Please also feel free to forward this to people who might like the idea.

Patrick Grabolle.

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