The Fascinating Story of the Twins Who Share Brains, Thoughts, and Senses

This is one of the most surprising and awesome tales ever told in the history of medicine. These twins are Tatiana and Krista Hogan. Their brains and sensory systems are networked together, but they have separate personalities. Their story defies belief.

So much, in fact, that Tatiana and Krista Hogan shouldn’t be alive at all. Their chances of surviving the pregnancy, birth and first months of life were almost zero. Surprisingly, they turned four on October 25, and they are still healthy and happy, as you can see in the photo above.

They play Nintendo Wii games against each other, they fight for toys and they share food and physiological functions. But they also share their senses. For example, one can pick an object out of her field of view, while the twin looks at the object.

Most importantly, however, they can share each other thoughts, like their grandmother—Louise McKay—describes:

They share thoughts, too. Nobody will be saying anything, and Tati will just pipe up and say, ‘Stop that!’ And she’ll smack her sister.

Read the full article and video at

Inspiring video

Don’t worry folks, it’s not all doom and gloom!
This is an IBEC video detailing some positive facts and figures you might like to know about the Emerald Isle.


Perfect conditions were forecast for this Autumnal Day.

Dry with sunny spells – we were going to have a great day!

A group of 20 guys travelled to Mondello Park in Co. Kildare.

Mondello provides a tailored package based on the Early Drive programme for young people.

It gives our Service Users an opportunity to drive a car in a safe environment.

Each Client with the help from a driving Instructor enjoyed getting behind the wheel and driving several laps of the infamous track.

Of course it’s not just the driving experience that makes this a great day out but a visit to the museum to view some of the fastest,colorful and most aero dynamic cars in the racing business.

We all took part in a brake reaction test with Anthony surpassing the National Irish and UK average.

All Clients took part in a safety class and rules of the road session and the competition was fierce in the questions and answers session.

We had a great day and the general consensus was “ I’d love to do it again”

Where is Dell customer support when you need them?……..oh, there they are

We have had a fantastic relationship with Dell in the past number of years and they continue to lend us their support and friendship.

This year a group of 13 employees arrived at SHS to provide 1:1 computer training to our Clients as part of their Volunteering initiative.

What an opportunity for both Dell and SHS to capitalize on social integration.

Each Client had a Dell buddy and enjoyed getting acquainted over coffee and scones before heading off the computer rooms.

This gave the Clients an opportunity to practice and learn some new skills.

Some learned how or set up email accounts and send emails, some googled, some did applications training, games and there were a few sneaky short cuts too. Not only was this skill based, but social interaction and fun was had by all involved.

A Big Thank You to our Dell Volunteers.

In-Seine City Break

Take a look at these photos.
They were sent in by Lisa and her husband Stevie who visited Finland and Paris earlier this year and just wanted to share them with us.
They must have saved hard but it looks like it was worth it from the look on their faces.

The trip to Finland was spurred by Lisa’s cousin getting married. But the trip to Paris was to see the Eiffel Tower,Disneyland,the Louvre and the River Seine.

Who Let Him on the Telly?

It is amazing what surfaces from time to time.
Here’s a photo of some of our job-coaches goofing around during the filming of the RTE programme, Nationwide.

The programme focused on a few of our service-users in their job roles and on Connect Employment who support them.

Thanks Kevin for the photo.

Competition – Find the Faces

Something strange is going on in Bray. Faces are appearing on the walls at an alarming rate. It is all a bit of a mystery.

Apparently there are up to 48 casts of faces scattered around Bray and even in Templebar in Dublin. Casts of hands have been reported now too.

The race is on to find the faces and take photos as evidence. The person/unit who finds the most in the quickest time wins the competition.
First prize is a poster collage of all the faces found and also a small surprise!

Competition ends Friday 26th November. Eligible to members of Sunbeam House Services only.

Video of the Month — October – The Specials

Check out this docu-soap starring a group of young people with learning disabilities who live together.
It recently won 2 Webby awards, no less, and is well worth a look. Better than Coronation Street, if you ask me!
This clip is the highlights from season one but to watch each episode look them up on Youtube.

Safety Poster Competition!

As you know it is safety week in Sunbeam and every year there is a poster competition. Whoever designs the most creative or thoughtful poster which illustrates a good point about safety wins.

There are lots of categories besides the posters such as safety quiz, word search and most active unit.
I won’t divulge the winners just yet but take a look at some of the excellent entries in the photos above.
Well done Denise Commons our safety officer for running the competition and also to all who took part.

P.S. in an unusual departure from the poster format, the Garden Team entered a video which you can also see here.

Elavon come to Sunbeam

Elavon is a company that provides payment solutions for businesses. What is that? I hear you ask. Well, I don’t know but why not find out at . Needless to say they are a great bunch of guys and 16 volunteers from Elavon in Arklow kindly gave their day to Glenvale on the 1st October. This was part of the National Volunteer day.

On the Friday morning we all packed up and set off for Avondale park, luckily missing all the rain, to enjoy a fun filled sunny day out. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and new friendships were formed between some of our service-users and the volunteers from Elavon. After various walks around the grounds we had a picnic lunch just outside of Avondale house while Elavon very kindly provided staff with lunch and drinks. After lunch we played ball games together and received bags, hats and T-Shirts from Elavon.

Elavon gave so much on the day and enjoyed every part. We are also working in the future months with Elavon to create more days out for the clients from Glenvale.

Installation Art

Have you noticed any new faces hanging around the town of Bray lately?

A local artist has installed several pieces of art on the walls in various locations. They consist of a cast of a face which is then cemented on to a wall.
Bernie, Olga and Betty went on the hunt to find as many as they could:
“We saw the faces hanging on the walls of Bray up high. We think they were placed up high so as to be out of reach. They were hard to take photos of. Some of them appeared to be damaged like somebody took a hammer to them. We think people should put art up all the time especially in the Main Street car park as it would be nice and colourful. Hope you enjoy the pictures we took.”

Seal-ly Good Cause

After visiting the Seal sanctuary some service-users from the Garden Team felt inspired to raise some funds for this worthy cause.

They visited the sanctuary many times in the past year or so and last year they decided to have a barbecue to raise Money for the seal sanctuary. This year they had another fund-raising BBQ and it was with great joy that they presented this cheque for €64 to the seal sanctuary.
They hope to volunteer as much help as they can and to continue to forge this link with the sanctuary.

Marching Band

Very early on Saturday, September 11th Glen and his keyworker Jean left to join Glens band-mates from the Inbhear Mor marchers to go Athlone to participate in the All-Ireland and European Ranking Competition.

Glen travelled on the bus with the band and enjoyed the interaction with the band leaders Oisin and Mary amongst others.
On arriving in Athlone Glen had a very busy afternoon practicing his music in preperation for the evening competition. It kicked off at 6pm and Glen kept a close eye on the other bands and he seemed really interested in the bands from Tllaght and Clonmel in particular. Glen, supported by Mary, led the Inbhear Mor Marchers onto the field and the group received a huge applause from the spectators once their piece was finished. Glen was delighted with the response from the crowd.
All Glens hard work and regular attendance at weekly practice had paid off and all that was left to do was to retire to the hotel and grab a well-earned ice-cream.

Culture Night 2010

Over 1,000 people attended Leinster House for Culture Night 2010. Entertainment was provided by ‘Ireland Unlimited’ the sensational all-female Barbershop Chorus. Our very own Ruth Corbett and Noeleen Chow are members of this group who have appeared in many competitions and on television.

Amazon by Lyn Kirby

Lyn Kirby is a unit manager in Arklow who recently went to the Peruvian Amazon. She went as part of a medical team to look after the needs of the local villagers who are poor and don’t have a lot.

It cost Lyn a lot to volunteer; she had to buy her own tickets amongst other things. She is already saving to return there next year. I think you will agree she has a kind heart.

Lyn is deathly afraid of spiders so it was an astonishing feat that she touched a tarantula. The guys on board the boat told her it was dead but when they threw it into the water Lyn noticed it moving its legs and swimming!

Youtube Video of the Month – Lego World Cup

Tune in the end of every month to check out the most watched Youtube videos. Videos are constantly ‘going viral’, meaning they spread like a virus. Here is your feed to the hottest clips online right now. This is Sunbeam News’ answer to ‘Casual Friday’.

Girls Go Pop Magazine

Cathy, Nicola, Tara and Ailbhe, a bunch of friends from Arklow, were unhappy with the types of magazine in the shops.

So, they decided to make their own. The girls did a great job.
You can find the magazine on the downloads page of the Sunbeam website.

JFK Junior Fellowship Programme 2010-2012

Congratulations to staff member Eoin Buckley (CSW Applewood & 3A Vevay Rd) on his recent success in securing one of the three fellowship awards available for support staff working in the Intellectual Disability Sector in Ireland.

The fellowship awards come from the City University of New York and were negotiated for Ireland through the Skill Programme ( The Skill Programme was established to enable opportunities for support staff in the health services to return to learning or upskill.

A total of 9 awards were made available – 3 for Intellectual Disability services, 3 for Acute Hospitals, 2 for Older People Services and 1 for Mental Health Services.

Eoin had to complete a formal application and interview process. In addition to a monetary award, the award also provides a mentoring programme.. This is a great achievement for Eoin and we wish him every success in his studies. Well Done!