Friends In Deed – Call for Volunteers

Happy new year to you all!
Friends In Deed, as you may know, is a be-friending service run by Sunbeam. The idea is to match volunteers in the community with service-users from Sunbeam who have similar interests to become friends. There are over 80 volunteers to date but the more the merrier.
So, if you have a new years resolution to get out more why not give it a try?
Contact Mick on 086-6001031.

White Christmas

It’s a white Christmas at Ballyraine Garden Centre on the Vale Road in Arklow.

Despite this frosty looking photo, the Garden Centre is a great place to find some last minute pressies. Plants, art and much more.
Thanks K.H. for the photo.
If you see something interesting in the community, take a pic and send it to

Kris Kindle

Pictured is John Hannigan, M.D. during the exchange of Christmas presents at Killarney Road. It was the biggest Kris Kindle I have ever seen. It looked like 50 people.

He appears happy with what he got. Somebody better remind him to take the hat and tie off before that important meeting he has this afternoon!

New community website

Bray Area Partnership have launched a new website. It is meant to be a one-stop-shop for disability information in Bray.

For links to this new website and many more like it click HERE for the community links page.

Sunbeam is on Youtube!

If you haven’t guessed, we now have a Youtube channel. Click here to see it. There’s at least 6 or 7 videos already up and ready for you to view. More to come all the time.

Video – Community Connections

Here is a video from 2009 we made called ‘Community Connections’. It details the different connections that Sunbeam, it’s service-users and staff have within our local communities.

Video – Use Plain English!

Check out Sunbeam Media’s latest offering.
It is a short video about why it is beneficial to use Plain English, especially in the workplace. The reason being;It is inclusive to more people at different levels of literacy.
The video is light-hearted but has many interesting facts about literacy that you need to know.
Thanks to all the staff and service-users who gave their time in making it and to Gabe and David as crew.

Staff Forum 2010

Pictured is John Hannigan, Managing Director of Sunbeam, during one of his talks to staff in the Royal Hotel, Bray.
John gave 12 talks in total in various locations throughout Wicklow to the staff of Sunbeam. These talks were prompted by the uncertain times we find ourselves in and the need for people’s voices to be heard and their questions answered.
Sunbeam Media was on hand to film one of the talks and a DVD will be making its way to every unit for those that could not make it to any of the talks. Thanks to the crew on the day, Stevie B. and Robbie B.

A Message From Quiz the Dog.

Hi Guys,

I have to pose in this silly hat just to let you know I have lovely Christmas cards and calendars from the Irish Guide Dogs on sale here in Ballyraine Garden Centre.
8 Christmas cards and envelopes – €6.00
Calendar – €8.00
You can order them from my secretary and owner, Dorothy at 0402 32656.
Cheers, Quiz. Guide dog and friend to Dorothy.
Woof Woof.

A wheely good way to have fun

Pictured in front of the GPO in O’Connell street, Dublin are Myles, Timmy, Paul, Anthony, Simon and Michael. 3A and the Garden Team joining forces to go on the Dublin City bike tour. A great time was had by all. What a way to see the city.

Timmy and Myles have been getting out and cycling on a regular basis with at least 3 cycle rides from Bray to Dalky and Back. Both Timmy and Myles wanted to do more cycling trips as they were enjoying it so much. So they teamed up with experienced cyclists Paul and Anthony and two members of the public to go on a Dublin City Bike Tour. The bike tour took us all around the city stopping off at 20 top tourist spots.
One word describes it – fun!

Sunbeam Times Frontpage

Twice a year the Sunbeam Times is produced. It is a newspaper all about what’s going down in Sunbeam with the service-users and staff and much more besides. There’s a committee who work very hard to gather the information and assemble it all together in time to go to press.

This issue has a great frontpage. It is an interview with our new Managing Director, John Hannigan. Our intrepid reporter, Louisa, grilled him hard during the interview. Take a look at some of the questions below but for the full story find a copy of the Sunbeam Times now.
John Hannigan Interview by Louisa –
I am originally from Crumlin in Dublin. I lived there for almost 22 years then moved to Saggart in Co. Wicklow and then to Birmingham in England. I lived in Birmingham for nearly 14 years and returned to Ireland in 2003 and have lived in Dunboyne, Co. Meath since then.
I applied to work in Sunbeam House Services because of its excellent reputation, its staff and the clients that it provides services to. Sunbeam House Services is seen as one of the leading service providers in our sector and I wanted to be part of that and lead an excellent team of managers and staff. I am glad to say that I am very happy to have applied for the job and that I was selected. It has lived up to my expectations, I hope I can live up to its expectations.
I currently have an office in Cedar Estate in Bray and in The Village in Ballyraine. I try to spend at least two days a week in both and the other day in some other unit. This week I have been to Abbey Manor, Hall Lodge, the Training Centre in Bray, Dunavon, ATEC, Arklap, and I hope to finish the week in the our new unit in Bray Suiamhneas.
WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME?…………………………………………………………………………
If you have any stories for the Sunbeam Times contact Ruth Doran, Shirley Redmond or Louisa to get your story in the next issue!

ABARA – Disability Film Festival

Abara is Ireland’s first ever International film festival. It has come about through Dochas and Arts and Disability Ireland.
There are many films and documentaries showcasing people living and triumphing with disability across the world.
The programme begins on Friday December 3rd through to Sunday December 5th.
Tickets can be purchased for as little as €2 for access to all films. Box office open on Nov. 29th at 10am-4pm at Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Video – Better Together Competition Entry

Take a look at Sunbeam’s entry for the ‘Better Together’ video competition organised by ‘The Wheel’. Videos should be no longer than 2 minutes and detail why charities and other organisations are better when we work together.

Thanks to all who voted for us. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win but it was fun to take part.

Festina Lente Tour

Some of the guys recently went to Festina Lente to view an exhibition of photography and were given a tour of the grounds.

The lads at Fetina are keen photographers and have exhibited their work around Bray earlier in the year.

As part of the tour was a session on the mechanical horse! It is one of Aaron’s goals to learn to ride horses so it was the perfect introduction. They certainly look the part.

Night out at a Play

“Last Friday, 19th Nov. 2010, I went to see a show called ‘The Girl Who Forgot To Sing Badly’ in the Mermaid Arts Centre.

I really enjoyed the show.
The actor who plays Deter in Killinascully was the actor in the play. He was very funny. I had my picture taken with him and my friends.”


Click HERE to visit OUCH!

Ouch! is a website from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people. It has articles, blogs, a very busy message-board and an award-winning downloadable radio show – (Touch-Podcast). It’s aimed at those with a stakehold in disability: family, friends, professionals and, rather importantly, disabled people themselves – without whom all this would be a bit meaningless.

Bus Shelter Badly Needed

Sunbeam Media was on hand to capture the protest in relation to the lack of adequate protection from the elements at bus-stops on the Killarney Road.
The pressure is on Dublin Bus to fulfil a promise made yesterday on local radio to provide a bus shelter on this Killarney Road bus-stop. This stop has a high proportion of wheelchair users and parents with prams and is located opposite Sunbeam House Services.
Although the sun shone brightly during the protest, which was organised by the Sunbeam service-users forum, the usual forecast is howling winds and lashing rain.
More power to the protesters for making there voices heard.
Thanks to Neil K. for photos.

Shoebox Appeal for Christmas

Every year Cathy makes an enormous effort to collect gifts for the under-privileged. Not every kid gets presents at Christmas. Cathy knows this and so organizes a massive collection of toys and various gifts that people for one reason or another don’t want. The gifts are then placed in old shoe-boxes and sent to their destination.

Knowing Cathy is a pleasure. She has a very kind and pleasant way about her. Well done to her and her helpers and all those who donated gifts.

Vote For Us Now!

Click here to vote for Sunbeam in the Better Together video competition. Voting closed on Nov. 15th.

This competition is open to charities and the like to describe in 2 minutes or less who we are, what we do and why we are better working together.
Working together and community integration has long been a focus for Sunbeam. This video details our befriending service called ‘FRIENDS IN DEED’ and how Sunbeam and its users benefit from volunteers in the local community.