The Beat of Their Own Drum

Pictured is members of the Garden Team during an overnight respite break.

They took part in a drumming workshop where they got the opportunity to bash the hell out of a variety of authentic, high-quality drums in all shapes and sizes. It looks like a load of fun.

Astellas Achievement

The Astellas Changing Tomorrow Awards took place recently. Sunbeam House was the only Disability Service to be short-listed for an award and the only company to be nominated twice!

Pictured is Lyn Kirby and her team from Hall Lodge who won in their category. Also pictured is Jerry Buckley and his team from Connect Employment who came second in theirs.
Congratulations are due to all involved for showing that Sunbeam is a leader in our field and striving to provide the highest quality services.


Lyn Kirby, Unit Manager of Hall Lodge, shared this great photo of Glendalough that she took. What a beautiful place Wicklow is.

‘The sad goodbye’ by Stevie Browne

Stevie has a way with words. Here is a poem he wrote upon hearing of the news that a long time member of staff and his boss, Kevin, will be leaving us for pastures anew. Kevin has worked hard in Sunbeam for just shy of 30 years and will be sorely missed by staff and service-users.
The Sad Goodbye – Stevie Browne
kevin stedman is calling time
He has definitely made up his mind
It is a sad good bye we all better not cry
He has seen it all but he stood tall
He was always willing to listen
He was firm but tough
you knew you wouldn’t get the buff
There were sad bad fun glum times
he is a man united fan he is part of a big clan
we had a few moves he took them with his grooves
when we started he looked like cliff Torburn

Beauty and the Beast Panto – A Review

Louisa, a keen play-goer describes her recent trip to see a play in Dublin…

Beauty and the Beast Show

My Name is Louisa and I went to see a Show in the Panto Tivoli Theatre in Dublin 8 It was off St. Thomas Street, with Sugarloaf Gang from Bray with Nicola Murphy and Karolina, We went to see Beauty and the Beast Show on Saturday 8th of January 2011.

Karolina said she really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast Panto Show, It was very modern and funny performance, The actors were beautiful and colorful costumes, They sang top songs like Lady Gaga’s songs, Etc. It was great interaction between the audience and people on the Stage, We danced and sang along with them, I can truly recommend this show, We took our pictures with the actors afterwards.

From Louisa

January 2011

Employee of the Month

Pictured is Danny from Sunbeam who won the title of ‘Employee of The Month’. Danny works in the Martello Bar, Bray.

The photo was taken by the Bray People for which it appeared.

Danny received the award from his supervisor, Fran and the Martello owner, John.

Figurenotes – music teaching

Figurenotes is a method of teaching music whereby keys are colour-coded. The lay-out is very simple and easy to follow. It means more people with varying abilities have the opportunity to learn how to play popular tunes.
In Sunbeam there are trained instructors who teach figurenotes. They also collaborate with other services in Ireland. It has proved very popular indeed.

Animal Care Course

As part of the OCR Animal Care course we have been researching working with animals. We visited Dulin Zoo where we met the Zoo keeper, toured the d.s.p.c.a in Dublin and w.s.p.c.a, Copsewood Avaries.

We have carried out different work placements in animal establishments such as Bray pet Shop, D.C.B and a Cattery. We really enjoyed the experiences and learned lots from the course. Some of us would love to work more with the animals. We put a lot of work into it. We are looking forward to getting our certificates in the very near future.

We would like to thank all the people who helped facilitated our work placements with the animals in the various locations .D.c.b, Kilcoole Cattery and Barry from Bray Pet Shop.

Ladbrokes give a dig out

Ladbrokes betting shop in Arklow present a cheque for €600 to Sunbeam House (Hall Lodge).

Brendan Carroll, member of staff in Sunbeam, approached local business Ladbrokes and told them about the Hall Lodge client holiday fund.
They kindly did a sweepstake and a raffle on our behalf and raised a whopping €600.
Without generosity like this it is hard to raise funds for short breaks away. Something that is extremely needed and valued by the people in our service.
So, many thanks again to Ladbrokes.


Irish TV animation includes Punky, a character with Down syndrome-

The Evening Herald reports that a new children’s animated TV series in production includes as a main character, a little girl with Down syndrome:

The new RTE series Punky, which will be aimed at pre-school children, features a six-year-old girl who lives with her family, and encounters daily adventures like any other child.

Gerard O’Rourke, from production company Monster Animation, says Punky is a playful little girl who overcomes many daily challenges, but she is slightly differently to other children.

Already international TV companies from the United States, UK, and Australia are showing keen interest.

Video Shoot

Pictured is Barry and Dan on location in Dublin city Centre filming for the upcoming video ‘Your Power, Your Vote’.

The Sunbeam Service-Users Forum approached Sunbeam Media with the idea to make a short film encouraging people to vote and get involved in Politics.
While travelling to the shoot, outside Leinster House, we came across a fine vehicle, a Morgan. Correct me if I’m wrong but there is a hefty waiting list for these beauties. Partly made of wood and hand-made.
We also found some more faces on the wall.

Work Experience

Pictured is the Garden Team and the Managing Director, John Hannigan( 3rd from the right) getting some tips on how to keep his lawn nice and tidy.

John spent a day with them doing what they do and getting to know the staff and service-users.
It looks like Mark (furthest right) is sneaking off to lunch early!

Health and Safety First

Some members of staff complete their mandatory Fire extinguisher safety training in Bray yesterday.


Trip to Glendalough

Glendalough has to be one of the most beautiful places in Ireland if you ask me. Myles recently visited St. Kevins church on the Glendalough tour. Myles appeared particularly happy to be able to open the gate to the church.


What’s your New Years Resolution?

Friends In Deed will be featuring on East Coast radio at 9AM this Sunday, 16th, to discuss exciting volunteer opportunities for members of the community.

The perfect time as everyone will be up by 9AM on Sunday morning.

Matthew’s success story with Weightwatchers

My success story
I began going to Weight Watchers classes on Thursdays in the early evening @5.15pm. I began going about two or more years ago. My friend Donna helped me out and suggested for me to go. I wanted to lose weight and stay healthy. I wanted to lose 161/2 pounds. I wanted to do this myself.
I feel happy when I go there, I wait in the hall way in a circle and the WeightWatchers lady calls people in to get weighed. I step up on the scales in my bare feet sometimes and she weighs me. I then get my weigh in result for the week. When I lose a pound or two I feel happy, when I don’t lose, I feel disappointed.
Over the past two years I have lost more than 11 pounds which is brilliant. My goal is to lose another stone. I would like to get an award of a red stone from WeightWatchers group.
How has losing weight changed my Life? I like it that I have lost weight, I feel much better. It is great. I like going shopping for clothes in my size. I can exercise for longer on my exercise bike.
“I recommend if you have too much weight on you, Join the club, don’t let yourself down and help yourself.”

‘Friends In Deed’ on Newstalk Radio

Some members of Friends In Deed will be featured on a radio show called ‘The Global Village’ on Newstalk 106FM. It’s a great way to get our message to the masses.

It will be on air at 7pm on Saturday evening, January 22nd.
Be sure to check it out.

Poem – ‘My Valentines dream’ by Stevie Browne

Two poems in one day!
Stevie must have been inspired by Patrick’s poem in the earlier post. This is another Valentine’s themed effort. A talented bunch in Sunbeam.

My Valentines dream by Stevie Browne
My dream is to see a lovers dream come true
With you and me
With the sun shining bright
The moon full at night
Romantic music fills the air
Candles glow sweetly all bright
Your long Browne hair blows softly in the night
You’re pure Beauty glows with the moon light
Roses on the table love in the air
Two loving people stare at each other’s eyes
Giving each other loving smiles
Presents giving lovingly
Heart to heart soul to soul
Both dreaming rock and roll
Happy thoughts fill our minds

Poem – ‘Be Special Love’ by Patrick Power

BE SPECIAL LOVE by Patrick Power
When you become my friend
Then you become my wife
You are my true love
I love you
I miss your smile
I need your love
I want to see you happy
I am truly in love with you
The power in my heart is special love
It is all very special in my heart in a very special way
I love you
Wow – something to get you in the mood for St. Valentines day next month.
Patrick is a keen poet. If you’re stuck for what to say in a Valentines Day card he might just be your man.