20km Sponsored Walk


Hi all Thank you so much for sponsoring our 20k walk here in the Cube for Ash we raised 500 for the Animal rescue. We have continued our support by collecting essential needs for the rescue centre .I have enclosed a list of items they need if you can contribute in any we would be delighted we can collect any time.

Liverpool Plaque

Special delivery to Ciara Fagan by Siobhan Curran A beautiful handmade Liverpool Plaque made by the woodwork teacher Mick Skelton in Ballyraine Up Liverpool.

Special delivery to Ciara by Siobhan .A beautiful handmade Liverpool Plaque made by the woodwork teacher Mick in Ballyraine .Up Liverpool.

Viewpoint Statement on Social Media Story

viewpoint group

“Viewpoint was very disappointed to hear the negative story about Sunbeam in the media and want to say how much we are standing by all staff for their hard work during the virus and for their support in making sure everyone got vaccinated.  Viewpoint wants to remind people of all the positive stories during this past year – of keeping people safe, the stay-at-home stories about learning new skills like gardening and cooking, the videos made, the poems written and lots of other positive stories like our Social Distance Stickers and of course the Viewpoint song ‘We’re in this Together’.  We also want to say that our thoughts are with the families and friends of the people we lost during this difficult time.”

8-Week Fitness Challenge

fitDear Staff , Clients, Families and Friends ,

The past year has been very hard , difficult and  sad due to Covid 19.    So to help us focus on something positive and a challenge to work towards over the next 8 weeks I have set up an 8 week fitness challenge .  This not only will motivate us to start exercising but should also be fun as well.

It is also to raise funds for SHS .  So please come and Join us , we have 12 TEAMS so far .

Pick your Team of 5 .  E20 each , E100 for Team.   Give your Team a funny name as there is a Spot Prize for the Team with funniest name along with other spot prizes !!.

Please get your Team Leader to  contact Ruth Eagar to  register your Team.  Ruth.eagar@sunbeam.ie.

To pay please  go to


 Looking forward to having as many Teams as possible , the more the merrier !!!

Sharons Top Tunes

Hi People,

My name is Sharon and I live in Ashford.


During these covid times I thought I would share with you my music list. This is my top 5 tunes to “Groove n Move” to.

These songs make you feel fantastic and I am the greatest singer in the world!!!

  1. “I want to break free” by Queen (https://youtu.be/f4Mc-NYPHaQ)
  2. “The tide is high” by Blondie (https://youtu.be/ppYgrdJ0pWk)
  3. “Staying Alive” by The Bee Gees (https://youtu.be/fNFzfwLM72c)
  4. “Sailing” by Rod Stewart (https://youtu.be/FOt3oQ_k008)
  5. “Mull of Kintyre” by Paul McCartney (https://youtu.be/OrbuDWit1Co)

Put these songs into You tube to sing and dance away any blues 😉

Lockdown by Stevie Browne

Lock down here we go cases rising strong and fast its like the script of a movie cast

I pray to God in Heaven it doesn’t last keep my family and friends in your loving grasp

Staying at home to be safe and sound it will help others all around

A month or two its entirely up to you stay safe stay sound its better than being 6 feet in the ground.

Being at home can be fun catch up with your kids and your hunny bun

so wash your hands and wear your mask after all its a simple task

we will see each other when times get better I hope you like my little letter

Stephen Browne

Very Kind Donation

Marrakesh Construction and Demolition Waste Management and Recycling Sand, Gravel and Stone Contractor, KILMURRAY, BRAY, Co. WICKLOW made a very generous Christmas donation of 1000 euro to Eolas, which is an intellectual disability day service within Sunbeam House Services. These funds will go a long way to provide supports and resources to services users in Eolas.
Photo of Peter Lawlor handing over a cheque for 1000 euro to his Eolas key worker Paulina Gardiejow.

Steps in their Shoes

stepClients from Bridgewater took part in the recent Newstalk “Step in Their Shoes” campaign from the 21st – 27th September raising money for Concern. The idea of the campaign was to walk Ten Thousand steps each day for seven days which all the clients completed. The clients monitored their steps on their step counters and raised €568 for concern in the process.

Happy Birthday Shirley

Here is a photo of Shirley from Redcross.  She celebrated her birthday today in Ballyraine. ( Never ask a lady her age!) Shirley was delighted with the cake we made for her.  She is one of the people who has come in to use Sunbeam’s services from way back in the early days when Ballyraine was first established.   Shirley is still buzzing around the place keeping everyone in check. Happy Birthday Shirley from everyone in Ballyraine.

Stevie’s Lockdown Poem

Another six long weeks lockdown nowhere open nowhere to go hope time doesn’t go to slow

Keeping brain and body active not getting fat and unattractive

washing hands wearing masks staying two meters apart

5 kilometers ain’t that far to go for a run, a jog or a drive in the car I would much rather be

sitting having a drink in a bar

Not seeing family or friends till it finally ends

With godspeed grace and cheer hopefully it will be a better time next year

Stephen Browne