Big Egg Hunt

From February until Easter, Dublin became the venue for Big Egg Hunt. Some of our Service-users along with staff (Fiona, Jennie, & Lorraine) joined in on the action to locate a minimum of 20 eggs all over the City and surrounding areas to win the most interesting prize of a years supply of chocolate. 

However as the weeks progressed the Service-users got more involved and excited about every outing to go egg hunting. We located eggs in St. Stephen’s Green the shopping centre, Clerys, Marley Park and Dundrum. 

Each egg was made from fibre glass and were 2 ½ ft in height and decorated by well known artisans. Big artist names decorating the eggs include Guggi, Felim Egan, Rasher, John Rocha, Ireland’s newest music sensation the Strypes to household names like 2fm’s Joe Duffy, Rick O’Shea & Cormac Battle. 

What an innovative idea for generating interest and funds for the Jack & Jill foundation. We hope the auction goes well and they make lot of money for this very worthwhile cause.

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