A Poem for Richard

Below are some examples of the work he helped create with the guys in the class.

Richard Duff, one of our woodwork instructors has been involved in Sunbeam for decades. I’m afraid he is retiring in a few weeks. He will be sadly missed as this beautiful poem from Steven Browne will attest.

Richard the lion heart, well he had to be to put up with me
He started when I was young and he hung around
At the start he was full of metal in the old sunbeam house
Then he left to fulfill his big dream of becoming a teacher
And he did it, fulfilled peoples big dreams in life
When he did all he could he came back to us to see what we could be
He changed the metal for wood and taught all of us what he could
He helped us achieve some real big goals
He kept us all on our toes
I remember in the old training centre he took us out on a long distance jog
He has done his best and now its his time to rest

R is for rock
I is for intelligent
C is for being composed on a life long road
H is for a hard working man
A is for always being there for the cause of all clients
R is for reliable when you need to talk
D is for being direct and straight to the point

We all wish Richard a very happy retirement and hope he stays in touch.

Steven Browne.

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