A Message from John Hannigan

Dear Colleagues

Yesterday CQL confirmed that Sunbeam House Services continues to be Person Centred Excellence organisation. We went through the accreditation review with a reviewer in the USA and at the end of the process she confirmed that we had retained our accreditation. This accreditation recognises the work that each member of Sunbeam House Services undertakes in making the lives of the people we support as individual and as good as we can. Thank you all for the contribution that your work makes to obtain this accreditation. I would also like to thank the team of people, led by Maura O’Loughlin and Suzanne Bennett, involved in pulling together the information and the examples of the great work that we do. While we still have lot of changes and work to do to achieve truly independent and individual good lives for the people we support, it is good to know that we are on the right road and that we are making progress. Thank you all for the support and hard work that goes into getting this accreditation. Please keep it up, your dedication and commitment to the people we support make a difference in their lives.

Kind Regards

John Hannigan,
Managing Director,
Sunbeam House Services.

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  1. Hello john
    My name is Sandra Duffy .I work with Paddy Finn in Arklow Tidy Towns. we were wondering if you would allow us put a pollytunnell for growing our own container plants for the town beside your allòtment space.Sandra Hall would supervise the maintenance and horticulture skills required.She has also offered to tidy the allotment area whilst she would be working there with your approval.We would love an oppertunity to further discuss this if you could facilitate.Paddy has done some work for you before and would be familiar with your proceedure.thank you

  2. Great we have hiqa I surport them all the way they did right to give a bad report on some of the hse services not being up to hiqa standard the hse is giving money to sunbeam so every thing should be up to standard

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