A day in the life of residents at SHS, Rosanna Gardens Residential service, Wicklow!

SHS Senior Manager Mary Bardin dropped by to say hello to residents and staff yesterday at the wonderful SHS Rosanna Gardens Residential service in Wicklow. 
Resident Madge had a chat with Mary. She said her favourite things about Rosanna Gardens is she gets to go out into the community (preferably Greystones) and the staff at Rosanna Gardens are so kind and nice. She loves the beautiful gardens and the private spaces she can go to at Rosanna gardens as she likes to have a cigarette and relax when she wishes. Madge asked could her photo be put into SHS Magazine as she always wanted to be in it!
Pic: Marie Muhall DCSM Rosanna Gardens, Resident Madge and Senior Manager Mary Bardin. 
Resident Fintan arrived home to Rosanna Gardens after having a massage in Arklow. He was joined by Social Care Worker Courtney O Neill who drove Fintan to and from his therapy. Fintan said he felt so relaxed after his massage and was looking forward to now having a cuppa and chilling at his home 😎
Resident Mary was enjoying working out her exercise bike while chatting to her Daycare Instructor Cara.
Fantastic person centred care, super fun and a great variety of therapeutic activities chosen by the residents and facilitated by professional, proud and dedicated staff members at Rosanna Gardens. Thank you 👏

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